In 2019, Jonas Emanuel Müller, Vasily Kuznetsov, and Miles Tidmarsh laid the foundations of Modeling Cooperation at the AI Safety Camp. United by the goal of reducing risks from competition for the development of transformative AI, they initiated a research project which soon thereafter welcomed additional freelancers and volunteers. Since then, Modeling Cooperation has been awarded grants from Jaan Tallinn (via SFF), the Survival and Flourishing Fund, and the Center on Long-Term Risk Fund.

If you have any questions regarding our work or if you want to stay updated on our research and software, please feel free to contact us. Let’s use modeling to improve the long-term future!

Jonas Emanuel Müller

Jonas has been involved in EA since 2012 and on the board of multiple effectiveness-focused organizations. For several years, he pursued earning to give as a software engineer and was a Scrum Master at a major Swiss bank. Jonas has been working full-time for Modeling Cooperation since 2019.

Tjankui Lamon

Tjankui started as a software engineer in 2008, building web applications for small companies and startups where she developed her passion for software and UI/UX. She also worked as a consultant for one of the biggest banking and telecom companies in Belgium. Currently she is a freelancer at Modeling Cooperation.

Alex Dietz

Alex is a software engineer in the Boston area, with a focus on frontend web development. He also holds a Ph.D. in philosophy, and has published articles on well-being and collective obligations. Alex currently works full time at Modeling Cooperation.

Paolo Bova

Paolo is a recent computer science Ph.D. with a background in economics. His work simulates the potential impacts of policies like regulatory markets on risks from transformative AI. Paolo currently works part-time at Modeling Cooperation, and previously worked full-time during 2019–2022.

Ben Harack

Ben conducts research on the governance of transformative technologies that may exhibit dangerous competition dynamics such as those from transformative AI development. He is currently studying for a DPhil in International Relations at Oxford University and is affiliated with the Centre for the Governance of AI.

Tanja Rüegg

Tanja is earning to give as a project manager at a data science startup, where she leads six client projects while overseeing the marketing department. Previously, while working for an EA organization, she coordinated an impactful law change in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

Jasmine Brazilek

Jasmine has Honours degrees in chemistry and microbiology from Monash University where she conducted research on diagnostic techniques. Today, she has experience as a full stack developer and consultant in areas such as DevOps and security.

Vasily Kuznetsov

Vasily has a master’s degree in mathematics and over a decade of experience in software engineering. In the past he worked for the UN climate change secretariat and currently works on fixing climate change as the chief of engineering at Spherical.

Miles Tidmarsh

Miles is a Ph.D. candidate in economics who developed published recommendations for government action while working as a research economist for the Productivity Commission—a think tank advising the Australian government.