Research on AI competition dynamics

We conduct long-term future research on improving cooperation in competition for the development of transformative artificial intelligence (AI).


We aim to gain better insight into the dynamics of competition for transformative AI to reduce the risks they pose or to prevent them entirely. We build upon our AI competition models to analyze ways to shift the competitors’ incentives toward more safety.

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In addition to using game theory, we leverage computational modeling to investigate AI competition dynamics. Therefore, we build reliable research software tools which enable researchers to explore possible future scenarios and the effects of policy proposals.

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We’re a community of mission-aligned freelancers and volunteers. United by our goal of reducing catastrophic risks from competition for transformative AI, we’re passionate about the research we conduct and the software we build. Join our community to help us reach our goal.

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News and updates

Keep informed about our research results, software tools, and community developments.

$83,000 grant awarded to Modeling Cooperation

We're grateful to announce the continued support from the Survival and Flourishing Fund (SFF). Thanks to the $83,000 grant funded by Jaan Tallinn, we're looking forward to advancing our collaborations with other AI governance academics by building research software tools and conducting research on improving cooperation in competition toward the development of transformative AI.